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That I got a ticket to the Healthy Living Summit?

Oh yeah and I also won the Miz Mooz Pose & Post Contest?! WHHHHHHHAT? I posted the video they made and the cute way of announcing it on The Delicate Place page on Facebook! yes. I love this week! I cannot wait to claim my prize :) I have an idea of what they are gonna be too…did I mention I kinda like shoes?

1. Any good news for you this week?

2. If you could win one thing that ISN’T money, what would it be?

Also, note to self…don’t post any more science, it brings the sounds of crickets to the blog ;)

Since I don’t want to bore you to tears with the how tos, what/whys of my methodology in a typical work day, I thought I’d share some shots of my work! The blog is severely lacking the nerding realm so hopefully this will quell the naysayers (or just me).

Isolating DNA from tissue samples

Sometimes I get to ‘cook’ up recipes at work…

Using the Polymerase Chain Reaction product on an electrophoresis gel (PCR…a technique figured out by a dude tripping on acid. Don’t believe me? Read it here. I am in no way advocating use of LSD, Kary Mullis is a controversial figure in the science world).

Sometimes, I have to read a lot of things I don’t understand and wiki words in every paragraph to get clues into whys/hows I have with my own work

A sample calculation sheet I made in Excel so I don’t have to do the math every time I need to run a genotyping experiment. The white bars are at a certain base pair number (the lower it is, the shorter the piece of DNA and therefore molecular weight. If it’s up high then it’s a longer piece and weighs more get it?). Basically I’m using a reaction to amplify a single or a few copies of a piece of DNA across several orders of magnitude, generating thousands to millions of copies of a particular DNA sequence. In the photo below, I’m looking for a transgene at 494 base pairs in a particular line of Cre mice.

Obviously, I need cool tunes to get my way through this sometimes. I listen to music often at work even when reading. It forces me to concentrate on what I’m doing but takes a bit of the ‘edge’ off if the lab was dead silent. Sometimes less pressure is golden for work!

1. Did everyone fall asleep?

2. What’s your work day in pictures look like?

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love, M

P.S. Who snagged a ticket to the Healthy Living Summit?

to the ball game…

We had the opportunity to watch the Pittsburgh Pirates dominate the Philadelphia Phillies last night at the beautiful PNC Park. It also happened to be fireworks night! BONUS!! Nate loves the Phillies, I love fireworks. We both win! A compromise of sorts since my day started with a facial (hey I just have had my fill of sports watching during the short lived period in my life where I was an Athletic Trainer). It left me feeling pampered and ready to start summer fresh faced!

The city was absolutely poppin’ since the Three Rivers Arts Festival was taking place, a Jazz fest, a baseball game AND a gay pride rally were happening. Parking was absurd so I’m glad we just rode public transit!

Today we’re headed to a work picnic and I threw together a cold sweet potato salad sans mayo since I prefer vinegar based dressings on picnic fare.

Sweet & Savory Potato Salad (vegan, gluten free)

-3lbs sweet potatoes: peeled, chopped into 1″ cubes and roasted in a couple tablespoons of EVOO for 35min at 400F

-Chop 2-3 medium sized shallots and roast along with the sweet potatoes

Dressing: 2-3tbsp EVOO to 1 part vinegar of your choice (I used ACV) + 2tbsp chopped fresh chives + 1tbsp each of chili powder, spanish smoked paprika + 1/2tbsp cayenne pepper. Add salt & pepper to taste

Toss potatoes in this herb dressing mix, add some greens to wilt and refrigerate until ready to serve. Sweet, savory and delicious! I loved it!

Coming soon: Reinforced dip station mods, another month down of bodyrock and progress pics, fashion finds!

1. Do you enjoy watching sports?

2. What’s your go to picnic fare when asked to bring something?

What the what? Have you been watching the news lately? There was a tornado in Massachusetts?! Also, the unveiling of the National Food Guide will be revealed tomorrow in the form of a pie chart and I’m crossing my fingers and toes that it isn’t stuffed full of grains and carbohydrates that are so unnecessary for healthy lives!

In other news, I finally found the perfect nude clog heel thanks miz mooz! Also, shopping trips to Ikea occurred and we came home with a great bistro table for eating al fresco! Pics to come soon!

Kinda felt like a dollhouse in there…Creepy

1. What are your thoughts on the new food guide for the USA? I really want to see less emphasis on grains. I get that they are cheap but really don’t offer any nutrient that vegetables and meat cannot deliver.

2. Any fun weekend plans? We’re headed to the baseball game & I have a work picnic to attend so far

I say Tamari! How’s everyone enjoying their 3 day weekend? I’ve fallen quickly in love with mine! Last night I had the opportunity to eat a meal at a fusion eatery that merges asian/latin flavors called Tamari. The owner is Chinese and his wife is from Mexico city! It was such an interesting pairing of flavors but it worked! The atmosphere was very modern and chic and I started my evening off right with a ‘3519’ cocktail (Hendrick’s gin, St. Germain & cucumber slices).

We started with a small plate of pork belly & then I enjoyed a bento box! I gave nate my california roll for some sashimi and he happily traded!

Look at that layer of fat on the pork! Lotus chips, arugala & cucumber salad to pair

House salad, chicken robata, seared salmon!

After dinner, we had some iced coffees al fresco and talked about our futures…very interesting things were discussed ;) Then I went shopping muahahahaha. I have been on the hunt for a dark denim, high waisted short that sort of looks pin-uppy without being super trashy. I wore them today when we were out and about!

I caved in and turned on the AC today it was sweltering and made my bodyrock workout a bit intense…i.e. sweating buckets and feeling a little more faint than probz healthy ha. It’s at 79 :) now instead of the 87 in my bedroom. yikes!

1. What are you cooking tomorrow? I’m grilling beef kebabs and bought some BUFFALO! for my lunches this week at work!

2. Any new fave shopping finds you recently picked up that you adore?

No, I’m not talking about those little sugar bombs otherwise known as cupcakes. These meat cakes made me say oooooo baby! Summertime usually includes a ton of grilled meat & veg and bountiful seafood in my world. I had a can of salmon (bones & skin included because it’s cheap!) on hand and I found this recipe for Maryland style salmon cakes on Kath’s blog. I love the fact that these are broiled instead of fried and you can make them gluten free by using the flour of your choice! I followed the recipe exactly except I used coconut flour and a Parisien herb blend instead of just dill. Don’t let the skin/bones freak you out, I mash the pin bones and only pull out the vertebrae (spinal column) because I just don’t enjoy that kind of ‘crunch’ in my cakes ;)

All my ingredients assembled + 1 egg & 14oz can 365 Alaskan salmon from whole paycheck:

I formed 6 medium-large patties and 7th smaller one. Popped it in the oven on low broil for 20mins and there it is! Perfectly crusted salmon cakes. These are going to form part of my lunch this week and I cannot wait! I like to make a sriracha-mayo dipping sauce with smoked paprika but these would also be yummy with a mustard-dill sauce as well. Maybe Katie will have some sauce ideas? :)

Oh…and we picked up a Weber this weekend. Grill master can hardly wait to do up some lamb kebabs!

1. Do you like crab or salmon cakes? Give me the salmon cake but if there are actual legs in the picture, well…crab on!

2. Do you like meat on a stick? I prefer it actually (TWSS?)

3. Who’s the grill master in your house? I think the photo speaks for itself in the delicate place household!

Gah!!! Guys & Girls, SUNSHINE!!!!! I had to have at it and found the delicate space in the sun :) It was so bright it was hard to see (hello squinty eyes!)

I’m about to head out for some Thai food with my brother & his girlfriend so I can’t get too chatty BUT I wanted to share with you some coconut oil love. As you know, I eat a paleo diet (no dairy or grains) and use coconut oil as a staple in my diet. You have seen me use it in the past in my beauty routine, roasting veggies & baking. Sometimes I even just eat a couple tablespoons of the stuff! You can even use coconut oil as a supplement. I think it makes my hair shiny (yay healthy fat!) I was beyond thrilled when the kind folks at Kelapo offered me a sample to try and review on the ole bloggie. Trust me, I’ve sampled quite a few brands of coconut oil! In terms of texture, Kelapo’s was simliar to Nutiva & Jarrow and not as “chunky” as Tropical Traditions brand. The smell was delicious but I felt the taste while better than Nutiva (which I think tastes like plastic/nothing) was not as coconutty as I had hoped :(

Cost analysis:

Tropical Traditions Gold Label Virgin Coconut Oil
1 pint (16 FL. oz.) – glass jar
Retail: $25.00
Now – $19.95


Kelapo™ Virgin Coconut Oil 15oz Net Wt 15oz / 443 mL Price: $13.99


Nutiva Extra Virgin Coconut Oil 15oz $11.99


Jarrow Formulas Coconut Oil, Extra Virgin, 16 oz (454 g) SRP: $16.95 Our price: $11.87

As you can see, Kelapo’s prices are right in the typical range for the product and I would say the quality is better than the 2 cheaper ones. At the end of the day, if you want less of a coconut taste and a little more bang for your buck, choose the Kelapo. If you’re a coconut junkie like me and love the taste of it, stick with Tropical Traditions.

If you would like more info and ideas for recipes you should hop over to Kelapo’s blog: or their website by clicking here. Happy eats!

I was feeling a bit weighed down by my mane (read: halfway down my back and getting caught on chairs/under my arms etc) so I went for a change and lost 6 inches?! I’m still a little shell shocked but one thing I know for sure is that I will love the lower maintenance when it comes to combing through my tresses! Also, the weather is warming up and I don’t want to be hiding behind layers of long hair!

I may or may not have cried after leaving the salon. Enter adorable husband to the rescue for bountiful hugs! Here are a few of my favorites for Friday!

1. Chocolate Avocado pudding (I freeze the avocado in chunks so I don’t have to throw a huge block into the vita-mix) simply add 1/2c milk of choice (I use almond) & a tbsp of cocoa, stevia to sweeten et voila! Healthy, sugar free dessert! The best part is the coconut oil ‘shell’ I drizzle on top. YUM!

2. Pencil skirts: Due to the fact that I work in a research lab and don’t get to wear any fun girly clothing, the weekend is my fashion oyster! This is my day outfit since I took a personal day to catch up on some things!

What are your thoughts about going ‘short’ for summer?

What are your Friday faves?


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