An ode to my favorite squash, you are faboosh my friend. Your pillowy texture is subtle and sweet. You are my ultimate comfort food! If you have never tried kabocha, puh-leeze do yourself a favor and snatch one up from your market. It’s a winter squash (nearly out of season for those of us who don’t have a wonderful Californian growing season). It is not a buttercup squash even though Wikipedia says it is one. I know, in college Wiki was your go to when you felt like having an affair on Google. But take it from a fellow lover of the kaboch…HEAB will set you straight.

1. Do you love kabocha?

2. What is your favorite way of eating this squash?

I love mine roasted (375* F for 20-30min depending on size) and topped with chopped raw almonds, heaps of cinnamon, blueberries and a dollop of Greek yogurt