How to maximize your “choice meat.” I like to eat and eat well. Just because I’m in my 20s and a new homeowner doesn’t mean I have to pillage ramen noodles to survive. I don’t get to buy “grass fed” beef all the time because well, I like to spend my money on other things/people! I make the most of the groceries I purchase by trying to cook or season them as creatively and/or technically sound as possible. This means, I spend a good bit of time googling recipe reviews/how to guides in technique. I don’t often cook elaborately but choose to do the “simple” meal as best as I possibly can given the means of my humble abode. I recognize that I do not have the kitchen of the French Laundry but hey…I can Ad Hoc it at home or so Thomas Keller tells me it’s cool :) Without further adieu…I present the choice cut London broil aka lousy beef for our dinner:

Get that cast iron pan rocking hot & SALT THE CRAP OUT OF IT! salt breaks down the protein to improve the texture. This cheap arse piece of meat doesn’t have all the pretty marbling found in a prime cut (fat makes everything taste better and more tender!). Sear it and then throw it under the broiler 3-4mins each side. We must make due with what we have! Other tips include using a ton of butter & fresh herbs. Let it rest using this schnazzy chopstick method & now let’s feast!

Oh how I dream of Kobe beef. Did you know they massage them daily with Sake? JEAH. for realz. That shizz is totally cray cray.

1. What’s your favorite way to eat beef?

2. Do you use any MACGYVER-esque techniques when you don’t have a lot of kitchen gadgets?