UGH! I hear another snowstorm is on the horizon which leads me to the most logical conclusion of my weekend plans: shut in city :( To pass the time hubs and I will most likely be cooking an elaborate meal among other indoors only activities TBD. Here is a shot of our dinner last Sunday: seared scallops, haricot verts & a side salad. IT WAS AH-MAZE.

The key to the crispy golden crust outside and gooey middle is the butter lovers. 2 tsp EVOO + 1 pat of butter melted in a pan and the scallops get all happy. The perfect sea nuggets melt in your mouth. Plus, who doesn’t like butter (unsalted of course).

1. I hate winter, do you? I am not a bear, therefore hibernation doesn’t fly with me. I need to be outdoors or I get totally krizzle cooped up! Just ask the hubs. Poor guy!

2. What do you do to keep busy and still have fun when you’re stuck at home because of a snow storm?

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