Oh food science you never cease to awake and rouse my inner geek. We love to make things! You can make 13oz of rustic mozzarella and 5-6oz of ricotta with 1 gallon of raw milk. We have a small grocer nearby that sells local meats & raw dairy so we were good to go! You will need: 1 gallon of raw milk (don’t fear, the Amish drink this all the time and they are fine!), citric acid, table salt (not Kosher) & rennet. Rennet is available in veggie capsules as well but we used the animal tabs since we are not vegetarian. Not gonna lie, the process is fairly involved but the end results are delicious and very cost effective! You know how expensive mozzarella is at the market! You WILL need a thermometer to check the temperature. This is not a guessing game & unless you are from the ‘old country’ and have grown up doing this without a measurement of temperature, you will screw it up I promise! Think of this as a laboratory experiment :) Be precise, go slowly and pay attention to the details! You can do it!

MOZZARELLA BALL! all 13 ounces of it yum!

This is the detailed instruction we used from Instructables. Click on “instructables” for the full detailed schpeal to make your own fresh cheese! We made ricotta to use up some of the whey but we still have some leftover! I know you can freeze whey for storage to make more ricotta and/or use it as a substitute for the water in bread.

1. Do you have any ideas for using leftover whey? Proper storage should be in the refrigerator.

2. Have you ever made your own cheese?

3. Do you drink raw milk?