I have done so much today. Perhaps it’s my release or just that it keeps my mind off of things. I’ve run 7 miles in the last 2 days, shopped, cooked, helped make a raised bed garden with the hubs & raked leaves from under my shrubs for spring.  Still to come tonight…dying eggs with a Star Wars color kit. YES. I hope you enjoy these low carb, paleo recipes :)

Omelet muffins (adapted from Mark’s Daily Apple here :)

I subbed in ring bologna (since I didn’t feel like thawing some bacon), a hot green pepper for some zing & fresh cilantro.

prep photos:

I used a tablespoon of coconut milk before I beat the eggs for a nice fluffy omelet muffin

All together now, fold gently the veggies & beaten egg mixture

Voila! Pack for a snack, keep in the fridge for a day or stick in the freezer for a healthy, easy & satisfying bite :)