Please excuse my sporadic posting as of late! I’ve been really really busy at work and it’s difficult to fit things (like blogging) in when you want to enjoy your time off. You understand right? I love my time outside of work, taking walks, watching movies, going out to dinner, exercising, doing home projects etc.

Anyway, on to some eats! I have been loving on the snack plates lately! It must be the warmer weather and sunshine because I have been a veggie FIEND lately. The photo below is an example of some random eats that are becoming a recurring theme in my belly :)

Cukes, shrooms, brown rice crackers & chicken salad ala me :D We roasted a whole chicken a few nights ago and had leftovers so I whipped this up. The hubs is a big fan!

Easy chicken salad:

-6oz hand shredded chicken

-Fresh herbs 3-4 sprigs

-3-4ounces plain greek yogurt

-1.5-3tbsp deli mustard


-1-2 scallions

-optional add ins: lemon juice, chili powder, hot sauce, carrots for crunch!

In a bowl, mix 3-4ounces of plain greek yogurt with 1tsp of kosher salt & pepper each. Chop 1-2 scallions and mix in alongside 3-4 big squirts of deli mustard. (I love creamy Dijon deli mustard!). We also had some cilantro lying around so I rough chopped that and added a few teaspoons of fresh squeezed lemon juice. Et voila! Healthy, super simple & very tasty!

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