Ok, the title is terrible and I admit it. It’s Saturday so cut me some slack :) It’s also one of the few weekends in the last 2 months that I don’t have to go into work so I will/can do whatever I please without regret! At the recommendation of many, I have been told morning exercise may help with GI distress and I’ll try just about anything to rid myself of the torso hives lol. I can still see them but they are no longer raised, hopefully this means I’m on the road to recovery!! Grain/Dairy free completely now for 6 days. I’ve been cooking metric tons of roasted veggies, eating seafood like it’s my job and snacking on nuts/seeds like a little squirrel. NOMNOMNOM.

Anyway, the title of this post is inspired by a recent purchase of mine to phase out my tired but trusty, stank-arse Asic gel nimbus running shoes. ::Drumroll please:: I bought the Vibram five finger’s sprints in Grey/Hawiian ocean from travelcountry.com Shipment was prompt and that was good because I was dying to get them ASAP! There are sizing guides floating around the web as well as how to phase into “barefoot” running. Please, do not go out and run 3 miles in these things. I currently run 1mi in them and switch over to my smelly Asic’s to finish out my runs. I do stationary bike in them but there is less chance of an arch/calf injury in seated position obviously. I’m looking forward to doing some crossfit WODs in them as well. I’m confident that this will be a nice transition since I’ve been trying to do squats/burpees barefoot anyway. I do feel a slight advantage though in that I practice ashtanga yoga barefoot regularly (2-3x weekly) so I’m used to engaging my core and back muscles for balance and stability. Here’s me this morning after a 1 mile run outside in the VFFs. I ran in my neighbor’s lawns, on the sidewalks and the road. I got some strange looks ;) now get out there and play!

1. Are you a morning or evening exerciser?

2. What are your favorite work outs?

**P.S.** head over to Katie’s blog here: she’s having a raw dessert cookbook giveaway! I have learned so much from uncooking delish treats that are actually GOOD for you! make it count :)