Happy Sunday blogland! I hope today you find some time to enjoy a quiet moment or something that brings you joy! I am so exhausted today-I slept until nearly 10am!!! That NEVER happens…I’m usually awake 7:30-8am on weekends but let’s blame my insane shopping spree and TTOTM’s arrival shall we? Humph. Quick recap of how things panned out yesterday:

Exhibit A: get dressed, look like a leaf changing colors* & make sure to include tights! CHECK.

*Photos are never edited for color, light or any other nonsense because let’s face it, I don’t have time for that and I kinda like that raw-ness factor of photography. Whatcha see is what you get!

Exhibit B: fantastic time at the farmer’s market where I glugged down a parsley, cucumber & spinach juice. The swag: eggs, scallions, eye of round roast, whole frying chicken, the biggest zuke evarrr, fresh beets, small potatoes, spaghetti squash and fuji apples.

Exhibit C: I didn’t take photos of this but we took a road trip to King of Prussia where there is an enormous shopping complex. We were walking/shopping for 6 hours!?! with no repeat stores. INSANE! This was also factoring in a ton of stores were closed since water flooded the bottom level on Oct 1. It was chaos in there! I’ve never seen anything like it or so many fans running! Entire floors in the store were just scrapped, carpet/hardwood. Nothing was saved but the products being sold in the store. I did score an amazing vintage Peacock sweater. OHYESIDID! Look for that in a post soon!

We got home super late and I ended up committing a cardinal sin (getting up in the middle of the night to put on pants, wool socks and a hoodie). I hate when people sleep in socks for some reason haha. Hey, we all have our pet peeves ;) It got ridiculous chilly overnight and I woke up this morning to it being 63F in the house. I made sure to wake Nate in the middle of the night so he could hear my teeth chattering ;) Hopefully, this will prompt him to turn our oil on today *fingers/toes crossed*

**I also have an announcement I *hope* I can share with you all on October 5th. I’ve been dying to say something but I just can’t yet.

1. How are you relaxing today?

2. Do you have anything coming up this week that is going to ‘challenge’ you?