Hey bloggies! Ever since I saw this recipe on Alex’s blog, I knew I had to make it! I did change a lot of things from the original recipe so I’ll list those below. As you know, I eat grain and dairy free so I had high hopes for this bread and it did not disappoint! My changes were as follows:

-1/3c egg whites + 1 whole large egg instead of 3 eggs

-1 heaping tsp maca powder

-1/2c pumpkin (all I had left!) + 1/2 medium banana

-3tbsp coconut flour instead of ground flax (didn’t have any :(

-pinch of stevia and cardamom

-1/2c water instead of 1/4c (coconut flour sucks up moisture like whoa!)

-1/2c macadamia nut butter (it was the only nut butter I had on hand and don’t really like how runny it is…I prefer a creamy or crunchy nut butter)

My nutrition stats if I cut this loaf into 10 thick slices is as follows (PERFECT paleo! High fat, low carb, nice fiber & even some protein!)

I checked it at 50mins baking and it was done, my toothpick came out clean! I let it rest in the pan to “set” for 15mins before I tried removing it from my silicone baking pan that I greased with coconut oil. The smell was so good even Nate was hankering to get a slice! It tastes like pumpkin pie not bread and the consistency is def more moist than a bread. If you want it breadier, don’t add the water or add more flour. The recipe is pretty forgiving.  Here’s the money shot ;)

This weekend I was craving comfort foods and one of my absolute favorites is steamed collards, shrooms, & carrots with eggs fried in coconut oil. So nourishing! Here’s my bowl-I think this is 6ounces of collards! What can I say? Girl loves her greens :)

Also, I wanted to mention that I had fallen off the bodyrocktv bandwagon in favor of doing yoga but I’m feeling the urge for high intensity, short workouts lately. Inspired by Lori & Michelle over at Pure2raw, I did the burpee burnout workout found here. Just ignore her chesticles and roll with it. I got my a$$ handed to me. My goal was 35 and I squeaked out 44 real, not modified at all burpees! I was so proud of myself but Lori you did 10 more than I could handle!! Fierce is all I have to say :)

1. What are your favorite comfort foods?

2. Tell me a workout that kicked your butt recently?