I hope this weekend never ends! I am having so.much.fun. I went exploring on a 2mi walk and found this great juice cafe where I sampled the V6 (kale, lemon, cuke, celery, beet & carrot) which revved me right up for my return walk back to my place. Nate had the slice of life (carrot, ginger, apple) and loved it! I am thrilled to see the sun today…gotta soak up that vitamin D while I can!

This is a bit late but I decided to give up fruit for lent both fresh and dried. Apricots are practically crack to me and I’d end up getting so full of dried fruit and then I’d get a stomach ache haha. So this “sacrifice” is a bit self serving but I’m trying to teach myself some discipline as well. So far, I’m doing great! Only 36 more days to go!

Please excuse my hair it hasn’t been washed in 4 days!? Here’s what I wore today:

Button down plaid: J Crew

Discount skirt that’s a size too big that I rolled: GAP

Tights: Anthropologie

Flats: H&M

Tempting but I won’t let it touch my lips…

I have a hot date tonight at Legume! It will be my first trip to this bistro and they update their menu daily and post it after 5pm. Every meal is a surprise! I’m seeing tons of green plastic beads so I know tonight will be quite a party night (guess they are getting an early start since St. Patty’s  for another 5 days!)

1. Are you Irish? Do you celebrate? I’m not a drop of Irish so I usually don’t partake in the festivities.

2. Do you dress for comfort or for making a statement no matter your comfort level? I try to dress for the occasion, in this case I knew I’d be walking so I wore flats.