Good Morning blogland! I will not even get into the whirlwind that was last week. Let’s just say it was a lot of work, eat, socialize, repeat. Far too little sleep and relax time so I am trying to slow things down a bit today. I went on a glorious walk yesterday and found some really great shoppes. One was a shoe/clothing boutique and another was a full service salon (yeah hair!?!) with a vintage/found items parlour in the front. I was confused at first but it made for a quirky first shopping experience. It definitely stands out!

I wore a black blazer over this and brown wedges (don’t worry, I’m not a fool to walk around for 3mi in these platform heels?!) This shot was taken post walk!

I sampled some wonderful coffee at a place called Espresso a Mano They are very serious about the coffee there and even have Chemex!?! If you want to read more about this click here. We got back late and had a hot bar meal at Whole Paycheck. We decided to continue our adventure and check out a very cool place that serves dairy and soy ice creams with like 100 mix ins!? They had seaweed, ginger, balsamic vinegar, bacon. I mean, if you can think of a mix in, they probably had it! I went with soy French Vanilla with Peanut Butter cups mixed in and Nate had the Irish Cream dairy as a base with brownies mixed in. It’s cash only but it’s worth the wait! It makes coldstone creamery look sad. Good luck finding the place, they don’t really have a sign and the line was nearly out the door! The perfect combo of quirk and kitsch!

I slept for ages thanks to TTOTM being overly tired. Hmmm no wonder my appetite was off the chain yesterday haha ;) I’m enjoying this beautiful sunny morning with a cup of Apricot Green Tea and some online window shopping for a bistro set. I think a trip to Ikea might be in the cards today!

1. How was your week? Any stand out highlights?

2. What is your must have item for spring? I’ve been seeing tons of strappy, clog wedge sandals for the season and I’m not sold on them yet. Thoughts?