Ok, I still don’t have the courage to post my before photo from the early aughts but I did take a photo of my stomach this morning. Also, this was after last night’s carb up day which included, coconut macaroons, red wine and sweet potato fries :) I eat right most days of the week so I really don’t believe that a couple free days is any kind of big deal! Enjoy your life!

I don’t lift weights at all, I believe bodyweight exercises are the best for toning what you’ve got and lean gains. I know others will disagree with this but it’s what works for me! Also, I want to let you know that I haven’t done a crunch or sit up in ages. Planks, yoga, and core stabilizing moves or burpees/dips will give you overall definition with less pain! This weekend, I decided to enlist my crafty husband to build me a dip station out of PVC pipe. You can buy dip stations from anywhere from $100-160+ which quite frankly does not fit my budget. For about $25 I give you endless core abusing opportunities! The pipe size is 1.25inch and the dip bars were adjusted to measure my hip height and grip width. There are 8 elbows and 6 T joints in the structure. I used this website to give me a sort of ‘blueprint.’

Oh hai flash. It was rainy and dark here today and I’m trying to smile (this is harder than it looks).

Another way to use the dip bar, pull up style!

Save your money and stay out of the gym! You do not need instructors, aerobics classes or huge jass weights to be fit! Do yourself a favor and treat yourself right for free! Another tip: eliminate grains from your diet and you will have better digestion and see results. I had to do this because of a gluten allergy and malabsorption issues with grains but I feel better than ever now! I swear if I see one more piece of tempeh, seitan or other gluten containing frankenfood!? Eat real food! Stay away from grains, sugar (yep it’s toxic) and dairy. The end!

1. What has made a real difference in your lean gains?

2. Do you lift weights or do chronic cardio?