Gah!!! Guys & Girls, SUNSHINE!!!!! I had to have at it and found the delicate space in the sun :) It was so bright it was hard to see (hello squinty eyes!)

I’m about to head out for some Thai food with my brother & his girlfriend so I can’t get too chatty BUT I wanted to share with you some coconut oil love. As you know, I eat a paleo diet (no dairy or grains) and use coconut oil as a staple in my diet. You have seen me use it in the past in my beauty routine, roasting veggies & baking. Sometimes I even just eat a couple tablespoons of the stuff! You can even use coconut oil as a supplement. I think it makes my hair shiny (yay healthy fat!) I was beyond thrilled when the kind folks at Kelapo offered me a sample to try and review on the ole bloggie. Trust me, I’ve sampled quite a few brands of coconut oil! In terms of texture, Kelapo’s was simliar to Nutiva & Jarrow and not as “chunky” as Tropical Traditions brand. The smell was delicious but I felt the taste while better than Nutiva (which I think tastes like plastic/nothing) was not as coconutty as I had hoped :(

Cost analysis:

Tropical Traditions Gold Label Virgin Coconut Oil
1 pint (16 FL. oz.) – glass jar
Retail: $25.00
Now – $19.95


Kelapo™ Virgin Coconut Oil 15oz Net Wt 15oz / 443 mL Price: $13.99


Nutiva Extra Virgin Coconut Oil 15oz $11.99


Jarrow Formulas Coconut Oil, Extra Virgin, 16 oz (454 g) SRP: $16.95 Our price: $11.87

As you can see, Kelapo’s prices are right in the typical range for the product and I would say the quality is better than the 2 cheaper ones. At the end of the day, if you want less of a coconut taste and a little more bang for your buck, choose the Kelapo. If you’re a coconut junkie like me and love the taste of it, stick with Tropical Traditions.

If you would like more info and ideas for recipes you should hop over to Kelapo’s blog: or their website by clicking here. Happy eats!