No, I’m not talking about those little sugar bombs otherwise known as cupcakes. These meat cakes made me say oooooo baby! Summertime usually includes a ton of grilled meat & veg and bountiful seafood in my world. I had a can of salmon (bones & skin included because it’s cheap!) on hand and I found this recipe for Maryland style salmon cakes on Kath’s blog. I love the fact that these are broiled instead of fried and you can make them gluten free by using the flour of your choice! I followed the recipe exactly except I used coconut flour and a Parisien herb blend instead of just dill. Don’t let the skin/bones freak you out, I mash the pin bones and only pull out the vertebrae (spinal column) because I just don’t enjoy that kind of ‘crunch’ in my cakes ;)

All my ingredients assembled + 1 egg & 14oz can 365 Alaskan salmon from whole paycheck:

I formed 6 medium-large patties and 7th smaller one. Popped it in the oven on low broil for 20mins and there it is! Perfectly crusted salmon cakes. These are going to form part of my lunch this week and I cannot wait! I like to make a sriracha-mayo dipping sauce with smoked paprika but these would also be yummy with a mustard-dill sauce as well. Maybe Katie will have some sauce ideas? :)

Oh…and we picked up a Weber this weekend. Grill master can hardly wait to do up some lamb kebabs!

1. Do you like crab or salmon cakes? Give me the salmon cake but if there are actual legs in the picture, well…crab on!

2. Do you like meat on a stick? I prefer it actually (TWSS?)

3. Who’s the grill master in your house? I think the photo speaks for itself in the delicate place household!