I say Tamari! How’s everyone enjoying their 3 day weekend? I’ve fallen quickly in love with mine! Last night I had the opportunity to eat a meal at a fusion eatery that merges asian/latin flavors called Tamari. The owner is Chinese and his wife is from Mexico city! It was such an interesting pairing of flavors but it worked! The atmosphere was very modern and chic and I started my evening off right with a ‘3519’ cocktail (Hendrick’s gin, St. Germain & cucumber slices).

We started with a small plate of pork belly & then I enjoyed a bento box! I gave nate my california roll for some sashimi and he happily traded!

Look at that layer of fat on the pork! Lotus chips, arugala & cucumber salad to pair

House salad, chicken robata, seared salmon!

After dinner, we had some iced coffees al fresco and talked about our futures…very interesting things were discussed ;) Then I went shopping muahahahaha. I have been on the hunt for a dark denim, high waisted short that sort of looks pin-uppy without being super trashy. I wore them today when we were out and about!

I caved in and turned on the AC today it was sweltering and made my bodyrock workout a bit intense…i.e. sweating buckets and feeling a little more faint than probz healthy ha. It’s at 79 :) now instead of the 87 in my bedroom. yikes!

1. What are you cooking tomorrow? I’m grilling beef kebabs and bought some BUFFALO! for my lunches this week at work!

2. Any new fave shopping finds you recently picked up that you adore?