to the ball game…

We had the opportunity to watch the Pittsburgh Pirates dominate the Philadelphia Phillies last night at the beautiful PNC Park. It also happened to be fireworks night! BONUS!! Nate loves the Phillies, I love fireworks. We both win! A compromise of sorts since my day started with a facial (hey I just have had my fill of sports watching during the short lived period in my life where I was an Athletic Trainer). It left me feeling pampered and ready to start summer fresh faced!

The city was absolutely poppin’ since the Three Rivers Arts Festival was taking place, a Jazz fest, a baseball game AND a gay pride rally were happening. Parking was absurd so I’m glad we just rode public transit!

Today we’re headed to a work picnic and I threw together a cold sweet potato salad sans mayo since I prefer vinegar based dressings on picnic fare.

Sweet & Savory Potato Salad (vegan, gluten free)

-3lbs sweet potatoes: peeled, chopped into 1″ cubes and roasted in a couple tablespoons of EVOO for 35min at 400F

-Chop 2-3 medium sized shallots and roast along with the sweet potatoes

Dressing: 2-3tbsp EVOO to 1 part vinegar of your choice (I used ACV) + 2tbsp chopped fresh chives + 1tbsp each of chili powder, spanish smoked paprika + 1/2tbsp cayenne pepper. Add salt & pepper to taste

Toss potatoes in this herb dressing mix, add some greens to wilt and refrigerate until ready to serve. Sweet, savory and delicious! I loved it!

Coming soon: Reinforced dip station mods, another month down of bodyrock and progress pics, fashion finds!

1. Do you enjoy watching sports?

2. What’s your go to picnic fare when asked to bring something?