Find inspiration in the simple. Enjoy the colors, smells and the everyday normal we so oft take for granted. During the day I’m a scientist who works in a cell signaling lab in Clinical Immunology. In layman’s terms, I work towards gaining a better understanding of how the body responds to disease. I have a B.Sc. in Biology & a B.Sc in Athletic Training. *This does not make me a doctor or an expert in medicine/health. I do what works for me, please consult your doctor before undertaking any nutrition/exercise plan!*

Off the clock I love to run, listen/play music, go on adventures traveling the world & look for joy in the present. I am OBSESSED with travel and a few of my favorite trips include a month in India, 3 weeks trekking in New Zealand & most recently a trip to Paris that changed my life!

I’m trying to deepen my ashtanga yoga practice this year and really develop my cooking techniques. I was  diagnosed in 2010 with a gluten allergy and malabsorption/inflammatory issues with grains. Therefore, I am grain & dairy free so my emphasis on food is high in vegetables, nuts/seeds, eggs & meat. This  a ‘Paleo’ lifestyle and I eat this way because my body thrives on a higher fat, moderate protein diet.

My approach to food is enjoying it in the most natural way possible whether it’s locally sourced or minimal preparation as I don’t have hours to toil in the kitchen! As far as exercise, let’s keep it short and simple! I do not belong to a gym so I work with my bodyweight doing workouts inspired by bodyrocktv or Crossfit/prisoner workouts. A few of my favorite moves: side planks, burpees, squats, lunges & dips. This is my outlet to remind myself to enjoy the life that I have at this very moment. xo-M