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Today was a whirlwind and many say the ‘burgh resembles Gotham city. I guess that could be why the sequel to the Dark Knight will be filmed here! Nate and I started our day touring the markets in the Strip District. This is a place where wholesale and retail foods an be purchased and the pickings are the best of the best! You name it, they have it down there. We went to a fish monger, a spice store, a middle eastern grocer and toured the grand public market sampling all of the vendors we could!

We snagged spanish smoked paprika, vietnamese cinnamon, a parisian blend of herbs that’s a bit lighter than herbes de provences & bay leaves. If I can recommend anything it would be the vietnamese cinnamon or smoked paprika. seriously, these will take your dishes up a notch and a half! When you try to use little or no salt, you need something to bring the flavor and these deliver!

After all that browsing, we found ourselves with quite an appetite and headed to Burgatory. Cute name heh? I had a peppercorn crusted bison burger sans bun cooked rare with mustard, tomato, mache, sauteed mushrooms & market veggies. Nate had a hormone free burger with smoked gouda, arugula, fried egg, applewood smoked bacon, romaine, tomato, onions & chipotle mayo on a brioche bun! Quite a custom order no? This happens to be one of the huge perks of dining at this bar, the custom order pad. You write it up yourself and the kitchen gets your ticket! Sorry, it was dark in there and we were sitting at the bar I didn’t want to bump my neighbor trying to get an awkward photo since it was jam packed! It was delicious! The only thing negative I can say is that the side of napa slaw was way too white (goopy mayo) and I prefer my slaws to be more vinegar based.

Outfit of the day: chambray skirt from ASOS & horizontal stripe tee (I really don’t care if it’s a faux pas) from Urban Outfitters.

Random style tip: I can always tell when I’ve been regularly using Moroccan oil in my hair. I only wash my hair 1-2 times each week. I usually let my hair air dry but when I apply the oil I blow it out and it smells amazing and gets this crazy luster that I cannot reproduce otherwise! You can read more about the oil I use with a photo here. Stayed tuned for the must haves and leave behinds for summer style!

1. Anyone racing? The Pittsburgh marathon is running by my place so I’ll cheer on the crazy folks while I sip a cocktail at the patio bar haha.

2. What are you up to this weekend?

Hi friends! I had to post again so soon because I am in love. My new obsession is a variation on the twins Coconut Lemon bar! I followed their recipe exactly except I added 1tsp lime juice to the bottom layer and used 1/4 of the whole lemon blitzed up pith and all. Zing! It was so fresh and key limey, even Nate loved it. You must try it now!

Shot of the crust…Protip: use plastic wrap to flatten out the mix, it will save you the sticky mess later!

“Frosted” topping and about to go into the fridge to devour!

Totally ate almost half of this after dinner tonight haha. Two coconut covered thumbs up!

Today I also went to the gallery at the glass center. It was beautiful work and the facility is amazing! I am going to sign up for a 2 hour class to begin working with the glass. After I see how inept or capable I am, I’ll decide on whether or not to take a 4 or 8 week course! Yay for creating! My inspiration is creeping back up to healthy levels. Winter just kills me! I also had some of the strongest french press coffee I’ve had in my entire life outside of Italy. I was literally shaking for about 2hrs. #buzzoftheday

I dressed business professional today with my cinched blazer (UO), dress from Modcloth, kicks from Seychelles and tights from the Gap. Nerd specs are from ASOS! You can get 25% off some really cute dresses at ASOS here. I was ready to take on the sleety, gross weather and the lack of a snowstorm. (Seriously, weather-people. Stop the fear mongering of old man winter).

Without specs…

With nerd goggles…

**Guess who got selected to be a part of ModSquad street team? Yep! I’m so excited!**  Who else <3 Modcloth?

1. Do you like key lime? Share you fave recipe for a gluten free dessert with me!

2. What’s inspiring you lately?

Wow, I’m not intentionally trying to neglect the blog but I can say with confidence that this has been the busiest time in my entire life! This is a good thing and it’s being filled with friends, good food/coffee finds, challenging my mind at work and general bubbliness about my new city life. Let’s start with a few things that have been the theme of my last 10 days: I guess you could say I’m #winning.

1. thai food

2. crazy mocha

3. isolating/purifying DNA

4. nanodropping

5. serial dilutions and lots of math (ugh!! ha, I’m finding that I actually need to use some of those math notes I never thought I would)

6. PCR & agarose gel making galore

7. new pubs with college friends

8. walking like it’s my second job (I haven’t drove my car in weeks! guess that’s nice since the prices are cray cray)

9. shopping at a fantabulous mall and hoping for spring

10. heading to the museum of art today in the snowstorm ;) we can walk if need be!

I’m thinking spring and am entirely obsessed with this trench…

But in reality, I’m still bundling for the tundra ala scarves, boots, you know…the works bleh!

In other random news, not only do I get free trips to museums/public transit with my staff card but I can get organic meat/produce DELIEVERED to my work?! crazy huh? I’m going to place an order to give it a trial before I commit to an 8 wk meat CSA but wowza I am loving my life right now!

1. How do you find time in the day to blog more regularly?! My morning time is usually committed to tea+yoga+breakfast with boy and walking off to the bus stop

2. Any special plans this weekend? I’m headed to a new bistro that changes their menu daily and I can’t wait to get my nosh on!

I’ll be the first to admit that pink is not a favorite color. In fact, I pretty much loathe the gender assigned hue and it’s implications. However, I’m finding myself in the midst of the snow in a quasi spring awakening. With temperatures dipping well into tundra-esque levels, a girl has got to inject some life into her layers of warming wardrobe. Check out me being a walking contradiction…

sweater: Anthropologie on sale!! for christmas from my valentine x

shoes: Seychelles blimey lace up oxfords (I’m obsessed with these lately and all things seychelles!)

shorts: wool paperbag tie trouser shorts from urban outfitters

opaque tights + high messy bun hair

Looks I’m loving for this weekend:

All of these looks can be found on ASOS, it’s one of my fave webstores and right now they have free shipping!


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