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I promise I will post for real tomorrow! I have pics on my cam that need to be taken off and I am beyond behind here in blogworld. I started my new job last week and I love it (more on that later). This noveletta will give you an understanding of what my life has been like in the past 3 days. Take for example this morning (true story)…

I had soaked chia seeds, chocolate powder & almond milk in the Vitamix canister last night in my fridge. This morning I plopped the canister onto the motor sans lid and turned it on. The switch was set on HIGH and an epic volcanic breakfast eruption shot straight up to my ceiling covering myself and a large portion of my kitchen in a chocolately-chia gelled mess. It was like it was happening in slow motion!!! I hurried up and ripped off my clothes (which are still laying on the floor in the hallway) and changed. I wiped the chocolate globs off my face and tried to clean up my hair before I hurried back to the kitchen mess. I was already late for work and now going to be really late for work!

I called N when I arrived letting him know that there would be a small mess to tend to if he got home before me tonight ;) I just found a couple chia seeds in my hair. WTF. seriously haha.


Stay tuned for…

-bday recap + gifts!

-amazing nourishing & filling soup I’ve been eating for lunch everyday this week using only a few ingredients!

1. Your stomach is flat again and you never get the “food baby”

2. You get excited when you hear the word Barbecue

3. Your co-workers come by to see what you’re eating at lunch everyday – kind of like a freak-show (I have 4-5 containers full or random stuff: nuts, meat, veggies, avocado-and YES I do enjoy eating it straight up non guac-ified and sans chips)

4. You use your shot glass to do oil shooters instead of liquor

5. You become instantly cranky when you run out of fat or protein sources.  OMG, we’re out of coconut oil!  You ate the last 3 eggs! We don’t even have bulk nuts to munch on?! WHAT!

6. When you go to a restaurant, you sound like a DIVA…’no grains, can I get double veg instead? No cheese thanks, dressing on the side please, passing on the bread bowl. Water to drink etc’

7. You buy coconut oil/chia/hemp/fish oil/supplements in bulk from iHerb

8. You freak out in joy if avocados are on sale or kabocha is in season.

9. You can eat 3-4cups of leafy greens with ease

10.  You can miss a meal and not think twice since you’re engine runs on fat! Blood sugar is ALWAYS stable!

Nut butters seem to be popping up everywhere these days. I can’t help but be curious about something so tasty AND good for you at the same time! I’ve been seeing this raw coconut butter popping up on many health blogs so I bit the bullet and ordered Artisana Raw Coconut Butter from I received my package through an amazon seller called Raw Reform: Matt Monarch & Angela Stokes. Click here to go directly to the store: OR WOW I was so surprised to see the note inside & the free samples. These people truly care about what it means to live a healthy life and nourish your body. It was inspiring!

Also very curious to try Nutmeric Almond Tumeric spread. I saw a random tweet from Kevin Rose (yeah the Digg guy) about this. It’s well known that tumeric has anti inflammatory properties & since I’m a scientist too I can’t help but be a little partial to this duos approach to foodie heaven :)

1. What do I do with the Chia seeds? Do you like them?

2. What exactly is Chlorella and how do I use it? Does it really strip the body of  heavy metals?

P.S. raw coconut butter is delish! it’s a mix of coco oil/meat of the coconut…almost like healthy icing!


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