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What the what? Have you been watching the news lately? There was a tornado in Massachusetts?! Also, the unveiling of the National Food Guide will be revealed tomorrow in the form of a pie chart and I’m crossing my fingers and toes that it isn’t stuffed full of grains and carbohydrates that are so unnecessary for healthy lives!

In other news, I finally found the perfect nude clog heel thanks miz mooz! Also, shopping trips to Ikea occurred and we came home with a great bistro table for eating al fresco! Pics to come soon!

Kinda felt like a dollhouse in there…Creepy

1. What are your thoughts on the new food guide for the USA? I really want to see less emphasis on grains. I get that they are cheap but really don’t offer any nutrient that vegetables and meat cannot deliver.

2. Any fun weekend plans? We’re headed to the baseball game & I have a work picnic to attend so far

Good evening blogland! I’m trying so hard not to let these days get away from me but let me just say I am never bored! My days start early and end late and right now, I’m kinda liking it! Another week of this and I’ll probably crash but hey while I’m being productive a few things of interest.

1. Fuel perfection in the form of almond butter bites. I used Junia’s recipe here. I did not change a thing! They came out picture perfect, see…

2. The best part of moving into a sweet city place is that I get to be creative and live spend a couple days in Ikea. Girl needs to hydrate for a marathon of shopping ;) Thumbs up!

3. After lifting heavy flat pack boxes all day, you need to take advantage of the Ikea cafe. The food is good I swear!

his: swedish meatballs with ligonberry sauce!

hers: gravlax on the cheap! i love the honey-dill-mustard sauce so tasty!

We walked away with some really great stuff today and need to go back again this weekend to pick up our new bed! Our subcompact was just a tad too small for it so when we rent the moving truck to get our final storage unit trip we’ll swing by Ikea and throw it in the back as well. See, I’m all about efficiency and on the cheap! I cannot wait to take photos of the place all decorated but I’m thinking I won’t be quite settled for maybe another 7-10days.

**Stay tuned, I have a big announcement coming up!**

1. Do you like Ikea?

2. Have you ever tried their cafe?


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