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Monday saw the passing of another year in my main squeezes birth anniversary. Happy belated (don’t worry we celebrated all weekend, I’m not a bad forgetful wifey). We finally broke down and ordered iPhones…they get here tomorrow according to package tracking! EEEEP! cannot wait! Welcome to the 21st century melissa :) In other news, I completely forgot my camera and to be honest was glad it didn’t interrupt our meal of romance at Cafe du Jour. Here’s my review from the last time we ate there.

We had a stroke of gorgeous weather this weekend and we had reason to celebrate! We dined al fresco and here’s a shot of one of Nate’s fave meals:

The big news…Nate got the formal offer of a design position he wanted and starts in 2 weeks! We couldn’t be more thrilled and relieved. I have to keep pinching myself that we’ve both come to the city so lucky and found jobs right away. We are so blessed! I also baked coconut flour chai cookies and used the recipe from Tropical Traditions. These are so good!

I rolled with swiss chard wraps for my lunches this week and made an impromptu pate from a big sweet potato. Super easy and savory!

Savory Sweet Potato Pate

-1 large sweet potato steamed

-1/4c unsweetened almond milk

-1 tbsp almond butter

-1/2 tbsp curry

-1tsp cayenne or cumin (I like both!)

Run this through the food processor until creamy and smooth and enjoy!

1. What app should I download first for the iPhone?

2. What’s in your lunches this week?

Hi interwebz. Did you miss me? I completed my first week at my new job and so far I love it! I’m working a bit with basic cell culture which is a big change in my otherwise animal oriented/molecular bio based world. I will be doing things regarding Immunology and knock out mouse lines, fun non? I find it particularly interesting how the body responds to sickness or disease so this should be a very good fit for me professionally speaking. I’m very excited to learn! Before, I wax poetic about disease models, let’s bring it back to some other passions of mine: food+fashion.

Food: We had the opportunity to eat at Salt of The Earth and our minds were blown! It was nothing short of fabulous! The first photo is a shot of the dining area. The 1st floor is first come, first serve and you sit at community benches so you can chat to your neighbors! The upstairs is reservation only and probably only houses about 30-50 people! I felt like a VIP!

Here is a shot of my starter which was venison tartare with blood orange reduction, white chocolate+juniper oil. My main was pork loin+ celariac root puree, braised red cabbage & apple cider demi glace.

Fun: We had a little shopping trip to pick up a few last things to help us settle into our new place and Nate bought me these pot holders from Sur la Table. Also, how sexy are the fennel collection of the Le Creuset line?! Insane.  I am obsessed with Paris and cannot wait to go back! If you missed my week long series recap of our trip, you can watch a summary iMovie we made here.

Fashion: It’s still cold, even though I was teased with a carrot of warm weather for a hot minute last week. Layers+opaque tights=win. I’m such a lady, what am I doing? A curtsy? wtf.

Fleur de Lys sweatshirt: Delia’s

Gray tank: H&M

Skirt: Gap sale!

Tights: target or Tar-jayyy

Boots: Frye

1. Would you eat raw deer (venison)? It was totally tasty! Bambi, surrender yourself to my stomach.

2. Fave new find in a kitchen store or can’t live without appliance?


I promise I will post for real tomorrow! I have pics on my cam that need to be taken off and I am beyond behind here in blogworld. I started my new job last week and I love it (more on that later). This noveletta will give you an understanding of what my life has been like in the past 3 days. Take for example this morning (true story)…

I had soaked chia seeds, chocolate powder & almond milk in the Vitamix canister last night in my fridge. This morning I plopped the canister onto the motor sans lid and turned it on. The switch was set on HIGH and an epic volcanic breakfast eruption shot straight up to my ceiling covering myself and a large portion of my kitchen in a chocolately-chia gelled mess. It was like it was happening in slow motion!!! I hurried up and ripped off my clothes (which are still laying on the floor in the hallway) and changed. I wiped the chocolate globs off my face and tried to clean up my hair before I hurried back to the kitchen mess. I was already late for work and now going to be really late for work!

I called N when I arrived letting him know that there would be a small mess to tend to if he got home before me tonight ;) I just found a couple chia seeds in my hair. WTF. seriously haha.


Stay tuned for…

-bday recap + gifts!

-amazing nourishing & filling soup I’ve been eating for lunch everyday this week using only a few ingredients!


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