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Good evening blogland! I’m trying so hard not to let these days get away from me but let me just say I am never bored! My days start early and end late and right now, I’m kinda liking it! Another week of this and I’ll probably crash but hey while I’m being productive a few things of interest.

1. Fuel perfection in the form of almond butter bites. I used Junia’s recipe here. I did not change a thing! They came out picture perfect, see…

2. The best part of moving into a sweet city place is that I get to be creative and live spend a couple days in Ikea. Girl needs to hydrate for a marathon of shopping ;) Thumbs up!

3. After lifting heavy flat pack boxes all day, you need to take advantage of the Ikea cafe. The food is good I swear!

his: swedish meatballs with ligonberry sauce!

hers: gravlax on the cheap! i love the honey-dill-mustard sauce so tasty!

We walked away with some really great stuff today and need to go back again this weekend to pick up our new bed! Our subcompact was just a tad too small for it so when we rent the moving truck to get our final storage unit trip we’ll swing by Ikea and throw it in the back as well. See, I’m all about efficiency and on the cheap! I cannot wait to take photos of the place all decorated but I’m thinking I won’t be quite settled for maybe another 7-10days.

**Stay tuned, I have a big announcement coming up!**

1. Do you like Ikea?

2. Have you ever tried their cafe?

20 Mars: We intended to have this day at leisure to walk & shop but little did we know what an adventure was in store! As in previous days, we headed to a little place for our lunch and it turned out it didn’t exist anymore & had turned into a creperie! We quickly regrouped and spotted a small place down a side street called Le parc aux cerfs. We didn’t speak a word of English to any of the staff in here & I was so proud of us! We understood each other perfectly :) The food here was fabulous: note* the white circle thing that looks like a radish with the cherries is actually sheep’s cheese & it was so so good. I loved it!

Next we decided to go shopping at H&M.  Bad idea. While in the store, we were confronted by a group of people waving plastic guns & shouting “SHAME SHAME H&M” say (ache ehhh emme). They were handing out literature and had Palestinian flags. The store was 3 floors and I ran to the top floor to get away from them where Nate was waiting for a dressing room. The staff asked the customers to “sortie” but when they pushed the protesters out the door and dropped the store gate in front they said we could return. We headed back to our normal shopping spots in the store but then the protesters were getting louder and louder. Every moment was grating & the employees once again asked to evacuate but this time we had to go out a side entrance and onto the street a little bit away from the protesters. Riot police showed up, a police bus and probably 8-10 vans full or policemen. The store remained closed for the rest of the day! We left empty handed as we had to drop everything and just get out!

We decided to try to go to a pub called The Frog & the Princess but we couldn’t get in! Tons of drunk Irish men were spilling out of the bar as the 6 Nations Rugby tourney was on the tv :) It was fun to watch the reactions of everyone even if we didn’t get in! Final stop was Nate getting his first crepe of the trip from a street vendor. OMG was it delish! He chose a Grand Marnier avec sucre. It was perfect! I love nutella but I would never order it on a crepe because they use half the jar! Too sweet for me!


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